• Ecology Videos (from this website), click here
  • Check out Science Friday, a National Public Radio program.  They have some great short videos!
  • TED Talks offer some great videos on a wide range of topics within the research and practice of science and culture.  Speakers present their ideas in innovative and engaging ways.  Click here to see a list of videos categorized by themes
  • Environmental Science Videos, click here

Regents Prep:

Energy Links:

Environmental Resources:

  • Adapt a NY tree! Click here
  • Request a street tree!  click here
  • Damaged/Dead Trees: Submit a Forestry Service Request: When you submit a request it goes directly to the NYC Parks Department.  Click here to Report a damaged or dead tree, Request a new street tree, Notify Parks of illegal tree damage, Submit a report of potentially hazardous trees or branches, Let us know about an undesirable root, sewer, or sidewalk condition.


NYC Department Of Education Resources:

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