Changing the World to Green: In Offices and Homes

Changing the World to Green: In Offices and Homes
– Sam Marquit, blogger Fair Marquit Value


One of the biggest trends that contractors have seen this year is renovation for homes and offices to go green. People are choosing solar power, recycling centers, water saving techniques and natural light sources to reduce their carbon footprints. As more technology becomes available, there will be even more ways for people to save the Earth’s resources and really start making a difference on the percentage of greenhouse gases occurring each year. The green materials industry grew to $116 billion just this year. It’s projected to increase to $254 billion in 2020. However, we won’t get to this number unless more people start to change.

Water is one of the depleting resources around the globe. Many communities have to walk miles just to get a gallon of water every day. This is the same water that they will use for cooking and bathing. While it’s scary to think that this is happening, it’s even worse to consider that it can happen anywhere in the future if we don’t start taking charge of water waste. There are some businesses doing their part to save water every year. For example, the Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels in the desert oasis in Nevada. There’s a strange idea that businesses and homeowners can’t still live comfortably by choosing a green lifestyle. It’s quite the opposite. The Palazzo utilizes a drip irrigation system with moisture sensors to save water every day. The hotel also installed artificial turf grass so that some parts of the outdoor areas don’t need watering at all. Because of its green practices, the Palazzo was recently named the most eco friendly hotel in America.

Homeowners have started to switch to drip irrigation systems for their lawns and gardens. It’s better for areas with little rain and high drought, but it’s also a good idea for any homeowner that currently uses a sprinkler system. In addition, you can reuse gray water, which comes from washer machines and showers to water lawns and gardens.

The three R’s play a prominent role in the green movement. The phrase grew in popularity in the 1990s and continues to be a big mantra for people trying to go green at home or in the office. A major part of this statement is recycling. Most homes have recycling bins, but it wasn’t until recently that businesses also started to create large sorting centers to reduce their own waste. For example, the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas created a recycling center that cut out 47 percent of waste from going to the landfill. The hotel also sends food scraps to local pig farms. Another trend that is gaining popularity is “up cycling”. People are finding new uses for old and worn out items instead of throwing them away.

It is important that businesses and homeowners continue to innovate the industry. With this innovation, new and more efficient products will be coming to market.

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