Bamboo Bike Studio’s Blog Post

Alfred E. Smith is a technical high school in South Bronx. Over the past few months, we’ve had the chance to build a bike with their science club, headed by Nate Wight.

The bike we’ve built will be auctioned off on the BBS website and 100% of the money will go to the science club. This science club, on very little budget, has done amazing things with their elevated courtyard, integrating a green roof, vegetable garden (I had some delicious fresh garlic), rain water collection system and a solar powered data acquisition system.

These kids are absolutely amazing, and in addition to their technical skills gained in school, demonstrated a clear understanding of the science behind making bikes out of bamboo and all programs demonstrated in their courtyard. I am totally blown away by the passion and talent of these kids and their teacher, Nate Wight.

BBS hopes to do more work with these and other high school students.

Contact bikes if you are interested.

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