Dress Code


  1. Read the below excerpt from the article “Do Uniforms Make Schools Better?”
  2. Click on “leave a comment” at the bottom of this page
  3. Then post your response using the following format:
  • Topic sentence.  Write your opinion (without using the word “because”)
  • Supporting details. Write 3 examples that support your opinion using these transition words: Additionally, Another, Also, In addition, Finally

Do Uniforms Make Schools Better?

For the past decade, schools, parents and students have clashed over the issue of regulating student attire. In 2007, cases involving an anti-Bush T-shirt in Vermont, an anti-gay T-shirt in San Diego and Tigger socks in Napa, California, made their way through the courts, causing many to wonder whether this debate will ever be resolved.

Meanwhile, researchers are divided over how much of an impact – if any – dress policies have upon student learning. A 2004 book makes the case that uniforms do not improve school safety or academic discipline. A 2005 study, on the other hand, indicates that in some Ohio high schools uniforms may have improved graduation and attendance rates, although no improvements were observed in academic performance.

What is your opinion?  Post your response below

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