Divvy Power Project Funded!

DivvySolar, a solar photovoltaic crowd funding platform, recently helped us fundraise to turn our pilot study into a full scale study to further prove that solar panels and green roofs can co-exist on the same roof and actually perform better together! Thanks for everyone’s support!

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Eagle Slope Solar Farm

Check out this cool Divvy Project, helping Eagle Slope Solar Farm in the South Bronx go solar! http://divvysolar.com/projects/eagle-slope-solar-farm/

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Daily News Article!

Bronx school beats out deep field to snag international award!

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Bx 12 Story!

Bronx 12 did a story on Zayed Future Energy Prize and goal to build an Energy-Environment Research Center! Check it out here:

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Green Roof Curriculum Guide!

X552 (Bronx Design & Construction Academy), PS41 (Greenwich School) and MS442 (New Horizons) have teamed up! All three schools actively use green roofs into their curriculum; we represent an elementary school, middle school and high school. Our goal? To create a K-12 Green Roof Curriculum Guide!

We want to create a Guide that offers lessons connecting green roofs with NYC Education, Common Core, and STEM Standards. We just need funding to make this happen!

Watch our video and consider supporting us at Indiegogo!


Nathaniel Thayer Wight
Bronx Design & Construction Academy
www.bxdca.org | www.MrWight.wordpress.com

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BDCA Winner, ZFEP Americas Region!

Winner of the ZFEP for the America Region!
Bronx Design & Construction Academy was recently named the winner of the Zayed Future Energy Prize for the Americas (South, Central, North) region! We were 1 of 5 high schools around the world awarded this prestigious $100,000 prize. We’ll use the funding to build an Energy-Environment Research Center (E2RC) in front of our school! If interested, follow us on our blog (you can subscribe to receive emails), or via twitter.

Here we are in the regional news:

Energy-Environment Research Center (E2RC)!
Bronx Design & Construction Academy students will build and maintain our Energy-Environment Research Center (E2RC), and ensure this showcase of cutting-edge renewable energy systems is accessible at street-level for students, community members, and all of New York City to learn from. E2RC will help our future energy leaders of tomorrow identify and implement holistic, sustainable solutions to address local, national, and global environmental issues.

  • Provide a model educational center where both students and community members can study renewable energy systems.
  • Provide a showcase of cutting-edge renewable energy systems that will be visible and available at street-level for students, professionals, academics, engineers, and visitors to learn from.
  • Provide an off grid emergency power facility that can be used by the community during power outages and times of need.
  • Power an off grid greenhouse used to grow organic produce and sell to the community.

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Shams1 CSP!

Woke up this morning pretty early preparing for the day. Today the finalist of The Zayed Future Energy Prize will be attending a press conference. After the press conference we’ll go to Shams1, one of the world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power plant (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shams_solar_power_station). shams1 has an annual production of 210 GWh!!

-Ray Figueroa

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